Retro aerobics classes. Work it like it’s 1985!

Don’t just look good, look Jane Fonda good.

Fondalicious is a retro aerobics and dance class in Newcastle. Banging 80s tunes, classic moves and lycra for days.

Inspired by Jane Fonda, the goddess herself, Fondalicious embodies everything great about the 1980s. These classes are about getting out, getting sweaty and having fun. Embrace that 80s cheese.

What began as a bit of fun has become a goofy, colourful and feel-bloody-good addiction! Follow us on Fondabook or Instalicious for the latest updates. / 0401 806 234

Fonda On Demand

Want to add some Fondalicious to your life? Got a party that needs a little lycra? Fondalicious offers private, custom Fonda on Demand classes. We do birthdays, hen’s parties and even corporate team building events (we can’t say which groups are the wildest but Greg in accounting sure grapevines up a storm).

Whether it’s for fitness or for fun (it’s always for fun btw) contact us with your Fonda on Demand requirements and we’ll make your work-out dreams come true.

Fondas for hire

If you’re not after a participatory class but some lycra-clad Fondas to entertain in all their kitsch glory, we have a Newcastle based performance group that can be hired for your event. Interested? Get in touch!

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